Nokia Asha 303 - Write with the keyboard

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Write with the keyboard
Your phone has a full keyboard.


Function key. To insert special characters printed at the top of keys, press the

function key, and then press the corresponding key. To enter several special

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characters in a row, press the function key twice. To return to normal mode, press

the function key.


Shift key. To switch between the upper and lower case modes, press the shift

key twice. To enter a single upper case letter in lower case mode, or a single lower

case letter in upper case mode, press the shift key, and then press the desired

alphabet key.


Sym key. To insert special characters not shown on the keyboard, press the

sym key, and select the desired character.


Backspace key. To delete a character, press the backspace key. To delete

several characters, press and hold the backspace key.


Enter key. To move the cursor to the next row or text input field, press the

enter key. Additional functions are based on the current context. For example, in

the web address field of the web browser, the enter key acts as the Go icon.


Ctrl key

Insert a variation of a letter
You can insert, for example, letters with accents. To insert á, press and hold the sym

key, and then press A repeatedly, until the desired letter is displayed. The order and

availability of letters depends on the selected writing language.